Atlas Special Topics

These Atlas Special Topics have been studied in detail and reported on by the Atlas Project. View and download the data behind those reports.

Terms and Conditions of Data Use: please read before downloading data.


Health care for an aging population (2016)

Data are for older adults in Medicare and measure the demographics and care experienced by this population, including patients with multiple chronic conditions and dementia. More information can be found in Our Parents, Ourselves: Health Care for an Aging Population.

Data year: 2012

Variation in the care of surgical conditions (2014)

These indicators were created for a series of six 2014 Dartmouth Atlas reports that examined unwarranted variations in U.S. surgical care. More information can be found in Variations in the Care of Surgical Conditions.

Data years: 2007-2011

Children's health care in Northern New England (2013)

Data include claims for children from commercial insurers and Medicaid for ambulatory physician services, hospitalization, common surgery, imaging, and outpatient prescription fills. More information can be found in The Dartmouth Atlas of Children's Health Care in Northern New England.

Data years: 2007-2010

Prescription drug use (2013)

Data include the percent of Part D enrollees receiving effective prescription therapy, discretionary medications, and high-risk medications, as well as overall utilization and spending for prescription drugs. More information can be found in The Dartmouth Atlas of Medicare Prescription Drug Use.

Data year: 2010