Supplemental Research Data

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ZIP Code Crosswalks

Our ZIP code to HSA to HRR crosswalk files allow you to aggregate data you may have at the ZIP code level to the hospital service area (HSA) or hospital referral region (HRR) level.

Geographic boundary files

Our boundary files allow you to create your own maps using ESRI® ArcGIS® software. The shape files are not projected. The geographic coordinate system is North American Datum 1983.

Coding trends

Longitudinal research files

These files are intended to make our database easier to use for researchers conducting longitudinal studies. They include data for multiple years for each measure, most going back at least as far as 2008, allowing researchers to access several years' worth of Dartmouth Atlas rate data. In addition to adjusted rates, the files contain crude rates, numerators, denominators, 95% confidence limits, and standard errors. They are available in STATA (.dta), Microsoft Access (.mdb), and SAS (.sas7bdat) format to allow investigators to use the software of their choice to run analyses. Data are available for states, hospital referral regions, hospital service areas, counties, and individual hospitals.

Topic Microsoft Access format (.mdb) Stata format (.dta) SAS format
Medicare spending
Ambulatory care quality
Hospital discharges (medical & surgical)
Post-acute care
End-of-life inpatient care (all decedents)
Care of chronically ill patients, last 2 years of life
Mortality (by HMO status)

Census Data

2010-2014 Census Data